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Specialized facilities have special heating and ventilation requirements. We answer those challenges with unmatched technical expertise and a range of customized product so you can complete your project with zero compromises.

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Whether your space is residential, commercial or industrial, 
Marley digs in deep to deliver planning and design services that allow you 
to spend more time and effort focusing on the big picture.

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For over 50 years, Marley has been taking on the custom jobs other firms won’t touch. Tap into that experience on your next project.

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Limitless Possibilities

When plans are a little “out there,” architects and engineers trust Marley to help them expand the boundaries of what’s possible.

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We’re always improving our process and our products to keep in step with where your industry is going.

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Our end-to-end quality assurance process checks and double checks every product to make sure it fits your exact requirements.


Our engineers work as an extension of your own team to troubleshoot, test and propose custom heating solutions to keep your project moving in the right direction. Take a look at some of our custom capabilities.

Marley Infrared Heaters in action at New Era Field

Built to suit your spec

Tailored to your design and performance needs

Marley custom convector built to spec for use with a custom enclosure at 535 West End Avenue, New York, New York

hidden heat

From custom enclosures to silkscreening

Marley custom convector cut and mitered for installation at the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, Chicago, Illinois

seamless construction

Custom cut and mitering to 43°

Marley heating unit with custom controls

total integration

Control options and BMS compatibility

Custom paint swatches

complement any design

Custom finishing and paint matching

Explore real solutions to unique challenges below

Seamless Window Lines, Even at Extreme Angles

Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies | Chicago, Illinois

Photo by Beyond My Ken*

  • The Vision

    Custom window shapes on all ten floors, creating a unique façade.

  • The Challenge

    Help prevent drafts and reduce condensation over a large glass surface.

  • The Solution

    Marley custom cut, mitered and welded our aluminum convectors into 556 distinct shapes to deliver a seamless draft barrier for the Spertus Institute’s unique window line.

Integration with Custom Enclosures

535 West End Avenue | New York, New York

  • The Vision

    Create an upscale, retro-modern design for apartments on New York’s Upper West Side.

  • The Challenge

    Provide a heating solution that would fit unobtrusively with this unique architecture.

  • The Solution

    Marley designed, built and safety-tested a 100% custom convector to fit the retro-inspired architectural enclosures the building’s designers had created on site.

Space-Saving Design for Sanitary Environments

Johns Hopkins Hospital Burn & Trauma Unit | Baltimore, Maryland

  • The Vision

    A gentle, adjustable heating system that could support the recovery of patients unable to regulate their own body temperature.

  • The Challenge

    Patients’ sensitive condition made fan-forced heating solutions untenable.

  • The Solution

    Marley adapted our radiant ceiling panels to create retractable heating units able to provide just the right level of comfort for patients, without the need for fans or blowers.

Custom Design & Setup

New Era Field | Buffalo, New York

Photo by Idibri**

  • The Vision

    A stadium seating area that stays comfortable even in late winter.

  • The Challenge

    Delivering efficient heat in an extreme-temperature environment.

  • The Solution

    Sometimes it’s all about putting the right product in the right place. Marley designed over 200 infrared heaters in a precisely calculated pattern to keep fans warm on sub-zero days.


Made to Order products offer varying sizes and output levels to give you more control. These products combine depth of configurability with the ease of ordering directly from our catalog.

Two different-sized Marley heating units


Fit your space and heating needs

Marley made-to-order heating unit with custom controls

complete control

Thermostats, switches, even
 BMS compatibility

Custom patterns and color swatches

any paint, any pattern

Custom finishing and paint matching


Our engineers are ready to consult with you to create a Total Custom Solution that addresses your building’s needs and complements your design aesthetics.

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